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What We Do


Serve Your Spirit offers a supplemental curriculum for schools, with editions for students ranging from elementary through high school. This is meant to be implemented in addition to the already existing curriculum of the school. 

We help students:
– identify their interests and ideals
– develop a mindset conducive to effective goal-setting and practice
– improve their proficiency in related hobbies

This curriculum integrates the intellectual aspects of identifying goals with the practical processes needed to accomplish them. We kick off this journey with an inspirational story and work of art: a larger-than-life bronze statue of Prefontaine sculpted by local Eugene artist Mike Leckie. The statue is brought to visit schools to serve as an example of the long-lasting impact of an individual who has found their passion and pursued it to the utmost.

We help students discover what excites them to action, and channel their passions into practical habits that improve their desired capabilities. In a world that increasingly rewards conformity and inactivity through technological rewards, we aim to jolt students back into the present moment. It’s in the here and now that they can realize what they care about independent from the voice of society, and can find satisfaction in accomplishing goals that bring them closer to their best selves.

Why We Do It


The 21st century has carried with it a philosophical powder keg. As engineering and science advances, there has been an increasingly strong impression on the younger generations that our existence isn’t as magical as we used to imagine. With every mystery solved there’s a sort of dread, wherein the world we thought was so big becomes smaller and smaller; amidst the development of new technology we feel increasingly more like commodities; in the shadow of industry we feel the grandness of purpose diminished into cog-like functions. If we don’t reignite a passion toward life, it’s only a matter of time before our culture collapses into the deep wells of nihilism. With so many adults struggling with these dark attitudes, we can only imagine how hard it must be for the youth. They deserve to know that the fight isn’t over.

The tragedy here is that everyone is told that the fight IS over. We’re fed desperation and fear at a future supposedly already set in stone—one of irreversible damage and inevitable doom. Our youth deserves better than that. They deserve to know that no matter what desolation there is, no matter what challenges we face in this age—nothing can take away their right to enjoy their lives. Despite our torments, we have been granted the good fortune to exist. It’s true that the price for life is high, but it always has been. It’s up to us to reassure our youth that their thoughts and actions are not in the hands of anyone but themselves. That they have the right to dream of a better world, and to become the people they need to be to make it happen.

The path to becoming a better person is always hard, and to change the world is even harder, but this is the struggle that forges true strength. Serve Your Spirit is here to light the way. We’d never tell students to expect things to be easy, or to think that belief is all it takes to succeed. Instead, we teach students to develop a system through which they can approach reality and take action.

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Serve Your Spirit Foundation was built as a response to the current crisis of Oregon youth and their personal meaning within our fast-changing culture. Serve Your Spirit Foundation’s goal is to create a mindset through which reality can be healthily reconciled, and a more grounded and balanced perspective may be developed.

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